Chocobar Cortes donates portion of sales to help children in Puerto Rico

A Bronx cafe is working to help children in Puerto Rico who were impacted by Hurricane Fiona. 

What makes Chocobar Cortes in Mott Haven so unique is that every item on the menu features chocolate as an ingredient. 

Executive Director Carlos Cortes is hoping to make things even sweeter by donating 2% of each sale to the company’s Educa Cortes program, which helps children in Puerto Rico learn about art and cope with mental health. 

“Using the arts of the Caribbean as inspirational tools to develop social skills and interpersonal skills,” says Cortes. “Now the need is even greater. We’re really trying to address this critical need on the island right now that not a lot of foundations and organizations are addressing.” 

Cortes says Hurricane Fiona greatly impacted the mental health of many Puerto Rican children, but the issue goes back to even before the storm. 

“We had a lot of school closures, we have exhausted teachers, we had earthquakes, we had Hurricane Maria, we had the pandemic,” he says. 

While Chocobar Cortes continues to help those with cravings for chocolate, it also continues to find ways to help those children who need the mental support.

The fundraiser is going on until the end of October.

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