Listen Orlando Podcast

Listen Orlando Podcast

Featuring Pookie n Them

About Us

Here we go
Never have you seen it. You have never heard the kind. Wait, I’m at a loss for words. I may ask what 😮
How and what
* My lord. Shut up!!

Welcome to where you might find humorous comedy craziness that makes you laugh until your side hurts.
You might find some serious topics that we open them will take it to another level. There is no topic that we won’t discuss. God, Music, History, wait, politics (Maybe), Orlando, News, Education Grown Folks Topics, and much more. It’s a talk show, and it’s a podcast, and it’s a complementary therapy season.

Hailing from the west side of Central Florida, your boy Pookie wants to invite you to go on an adventure. Born into the music world 🌎 a producer, songwriter, audio engineer, frontend web developer, a little bit of app development using Flutter, and a speaker 🔈 talker, oh y’all call it Show Host. This is my platform to vent, rant, express, and connect.

Your brother from another mother. I’m a son, a father, a husband, a brother

So sit back and enjoy the ride with your boy Pookie.

Be yourself cause everyone is already taken.

Original Show Orlando Road Dawg (Listen Orlando) Started March 3rd, 2011
renamed Listen Orlando featuring Pookie n Them Jan. 2022