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Suncoast barber checks in with family in Puerto Rico after hurricane Fiona

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -The storm damage from Hurricane Fiona has caused major flooding, power outages, and food insecurity for the people of Puerto Rico.

For a local resident, Francisco Anbujar, a barber at the Fade Factory, recently moved to Sarasota from Puerto Rico back in 2008. While being away from his family has been difficult, Anbujar is grateful they are all safe after the effects of Fiona.

“I got my Mother over there, and I got my daughters and my grandson’s over there, and right now they don’t got power and they don’t got water either. And almost all of the roads, they have been cleaning them to have access to the downtown, and to get food and gasoline and it’s pretty tough right now.”

Onsite crews are still working to repair critical utilities damaged by Hurricane Fiona, which is now a Category 4 heading towards Bermuda.

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